Over 90% of foreign trade goods are completed by sea

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  According to Xinhua news agency, Nanjing, July 11 (reporters Qi Zhongxi, pan ye) the 2012 China Navigation day conference was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province on the 11th. Li Shenglin, director of the Organizing Committee of the navigation day and Minister of transport, pointed out that at present, China has become a major shipping and maritime power in the world. But in order to achieve from big to strong, we need to strengthen the construction of hard power and pay more attention to the promotion of soft power.
Back to 607 years ago, on July 11, 1405, at the Longjiang Wharf in Nanjing, the gongs and drums were as noisy as they are today. Emperor Zhu Di of the Ming Dynasty saw Zheng He and his huge fleet off. In the next 30 years, Zheng He led more than 200 ships, more than 27000 officers and soldiers, and successively made seven voyages to the west, visited more than 30 countries, and opened up 42 main routes, making China the most powerful maritime power in the world at that time.
In order to commemorate the great feat of Zheng He's seven voyages to the west, carry forward the spirit of Zheng He, and promote the deep development of loving the motherland, good neighborly friendship and scientific navigation, the State Council approved on April 25, 2005 that "since 2005, July 11 is China's" maritime day "and also the implementation date of" World Maritime Day "in China.
"At present, more than 90% of China's foreign trade goods are transported by sea, 99% of the imported ores and 95% of the crude oil are transported by sea, which is irreplaceable by any other mode of transportation. There are also key coastal material transportation, such as the North South coal transportation, which plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring the smooth operation of the national economy." Song Dexing, director of the water transport bureau of the Ministry of transport, said.