Data show that: China's container fleet ranks among the worl

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Beijing, April 18 (Xinhua) in the past few decades, Germany has the largest container fleet in the world, according to the French "European Times". The 20 foot high container was the symbol of Germany as the "world export champion" in the past. However, according to the data provided to German media by London vesselsvalue, a well-known shipping data provider in the world, China has surpassed Germany in the past 10 years due to excessive debt and overcapacity of German shipping enterprises Home.
The picture shows the container terminal of Tianjin port. China News Agency reporter Zhang Daozheng
According to the data provided by vesselsvalue, the value of the container fleet owned by China has been increasing in the past decade, reaching 21.4 billion US dollars, while the current container fleet owned by Germany is worth 18.7 billion US dollars, the German "world news" reported. China's shipping companies currently have 76 orders worth $4.1 billion, compared with 29 orders in Germany, worth $591 million, according to the report. This reflects that Chinese shipping companies are continuing to order large container ships, while German companies generally prefer to order medium-sized container ships.
According to the report, Germany's leader in this field, Hapag Lloyd joint venture, has been "helpless" because of the acquisition of HSH bank, the country's largest ship financing institution, and the extensive withdrawal of German commercial banks. At present, it is difficult for German shipping companies to obtain financing, and Germany has lagged far behind the world's leading shipping companies and investors.
On the other hand, experts predict that the large container ships favored by China will dominate the interregional trade between Europe and Asia. The report pointed out that these ships will be like "buses" connecting China and Europe. Large container ships can be loaded and unloaded at up to six ports at a time, and at the same time, they will also have a strong guarantee of freight time.
The report pointed out that, except for 2008 and 2009, the development of marine trade has been growing steadily in the past few decades, and the growth rate in 2018 is expected to be 2-4 percentage points. At the same time, according to the German Maritime Association, the industry contributes 30 billion euros to the German economy.
According to the report, Germany is losing its influence in global shipping. However, in addition to China, Japan, Denmark, Greece, Singapore and other countries still lag behind Germany in the "value list" of container fleet.
In addition, in the merchant ship "value" ranking is another scene. Despite the impact of the economic crisis, Greece ranked first in the world with $10 billion, and its oil cargo ships (35.7 billion) contributed a lot to this ranking. Japan, China, the United States, Singapore, Norway and Germany followed closely.